Winter Beef was another film Branding Project involving an extensive opening credit sequence. The Film Winter Beef directed by Eleanor Sydelle bases itself on the mental deterioration of a young woman whose individuality contrasts with the strict social confides of marriage. With this film I wanted to illustrate the conversation Eleanor and me had in regard to tradition and the millennial woman. She made it clear early on that the story would be an internalized self portrait of how family and the individual are constantly at ends with each other from experience she felt when going back home for holidays.

In creating the visual language for these pieces I decided to recall traditional American letterheads, and use those to construct complex designs that would mirror on each other, referencing Rorschach tests associated with psychology and mental health. The Logotype and kinetic type follows the mirroring theme throughout the opening sequence along with static black masses that would be the stand in for unease and illness within the rigid system.