My most extensively researched Project by Far, Celestite and Druzy was a collaborative multifaceted branding project for a Surrealist film by Lindsay Mcaleavy, an up in coming Director from Brooklyn. Its conception began during filming in which I stared in a minor role.

Starting with the Typeface, I knew that the Persona of Celstite and Druzy would have to be a unique one that mirrored those charismatic sensitive qualities of the main Protagonist Sibyl. The premise of the film was to create a post modern Love story where an older woman falls in love with a mystic crystal in which she experiences sublime transcendence for the first time in her life.

Due to the Dream like presence of the film most of the design stemmed from creating spaces that could be interpreted in a variety of dimensions and the ethereal infinity of nature, recalling past art movements and ism’s that try to recreate the sublime.